Friday, January 21, 2011

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Alex Pettyfer really as Jace? - City of Bones Movie News

Finally, there are again more or less news about the "City of Bones " Movie (shooting begins April 2011)!
And although this time it is the role of Jace . Cassandra Clare writes in her blog that has Alex Pettyfer already met several times with the film director. He also had over the holidays every 3 Mortal Instruments (Mortal) read books and liked them just as the protagonists Jace. He then added his representatives asked a deal for the role to be found as Jace.

now is therefore just a matter of state, and this is the Alex Pettyfer will then play really Jace !
I can not believe it. He's just my perfect Jace! I hope very much that it works and in the next few days, the news comes: Alex Pettyfer plays Jace!
Cassandra Clare wrote in her blog yet, they now also waiting for news as the remaining fans. :-)

Source: Cassandra Clare's Blog

Some items on the News: 8934/alex-pettyfer-set-to-star-as-jace-wayland-in-the-mortal-instruments /

can in the above articles you have read on other what might happen should the deal not be reached with Alex . come The makers of "City of Bones movie" seem now even that is no other more out Alex Pettyfer to do for the role. But read for yourself the best ..


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