Sunday, February 20, 2011

What Does A Toddlers Hymen Look Like?

I read ... & Over 50 readers!

Yes I read the time actually "The city of lost children" and I really like the book very well. Nevertheless, I will break it first because I just this month my book for the "Get discoverer Challenge must read.

For the month of February, I've chosen the following data:

The Luxe (The Princess of New York) ~ Anna Godbersen
New York, 1898: The swan-like Liz Holland is the world's feet. Together with her friend Penelope and her sister Diana, it is the prom queen of New York's upper class. But then Mrs Holland opened their daughters that the Family is in debt. Liz has to make a good match. Actually, no problem - if it was not because someone has won the Liz's heart already ...

Next, I would like to thank everyone who reads regularly now! For I have now been 53 reader and am very happy about it! I would have thought at first that my blog will never see anyone and so is the joy of each new readers all the greater. Actually I had
ago, when I have 50 readers, make again a competition. However, I did not expect that it goes so fast. :-) So I decided to wait with the contest still up to my birthday (March 18) and then hold a little contest for all my readers to give it to the 1-2 win prizes probably will. was


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